Pilot Script

The network 3rd draft of the Timeless pilot (1×01) is available for viewing at the TV Calling Script Library.

Differing from the final script, in this 3rd draft we learn that Lucy’s colleague at U.C.L.A (not Stanford in this version) had a name (Lyger), that Amy was named originally April, and that Mason’s was instead Lark Industries.

More information is given on what happens to travelers should they go back to their own time, and it still doesn’t bode well for Wyatt and his hope to get Jessica back:

“The pilot who tried it — Donovan.
When he came back, his mind was gone.
Totally insane. They had to put him in a rubber room.

And, finally, the episode ended slightly altered, with a future Lucy standing outside the home of present-day Lucy and Carol, silently watching her mom and herself through the window…

While quite different in places, and with scenes we cannot consider canon as they weren’t filmed, this 3rd draft is an interesting read, and leaves us with intriguing insight into questions we’ve had since the pilot. Perhaps the no going back to your own time rule will be revisited in season 2. Maybe we’ll meet the Lucy who gave Flynn the journal soon too.

Timeless returns to NBC on Sunday, March 11th at 10/9c. Will you be watching?



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