The Road To Season Two

With the Timeless season two premiere just over a month away, here’s a look at what we know (and what we think we know) about the season so far.

Season Two
Property: NBC

The season starts with 2×01, The War To End All Wars, taking place in 1917. Speculation suggests this episode will pick up where the season one finale ended, and may involve Carol and Emma abducting Lucy and taking her on the mothership to 1917.


While in 1917, Carol and Emma will come to the aid of a soldier named Nicholas Keynes (played by Michael Rady). This character will be recurring, and it’s been hinted that there is more to him than first appears.
With NBC’s Timeless page also mentioning Marie Curie, this may be the episode in which we meet her – and her mobile x-ray units – as well.


While the title of 2×02 is not known yet, behind the scenes photos suggest this episode will take place at Darlington Raceway, in South Carolina.

This is looking to be the Wendell Scott episode, and could potentially take place anytime between 1965 and 1973. Wendell Scott was an African-American man, one of the first in NASCAR history, and who was barred from some races, thus potentially making this a strong Rufus episode and allowing for more of the emotionally-charged moments that Malcolm Barrett delivers with heart and soul.

Wendell Scott


We know little more about 2×03, which is set in 1941 – a year when Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil submitted the patent for radio frequency hopping. What role Emma and Rittenhouse play in this remains to be seen, but it could be that Rittenhouse wants to claim the patent as their own. What we know for sure, is the episode will feature Lamarr and Antheil, and with the 1941 date mentioned on NBC’s Timeless page, it isn’t a stretch to connect the two.


Flynn is back in 2×05, and eagle-eyed fans have suggested this episode may be titled, The Kennedy Curse, although this is difficult to decipher through the paper.2x05

NBC’s website states: “This season, they’ll find an unlikely ally in their quest to ruin Rittenhouse, a deadly organization with plans to change history and reshape reality – even though Lucy’s family has been a part of Rittenhouse for centuries.” We know Goran is listed as a cast member for this episode, and his character Flynn is a candidate for this “unlikely ally” (but we’re not ruling out Emma, whose motives are still unclear). It’s also been suggested this is an episode set in 1981, with Flynn going back with Lucy – which would leave one of our Time Team members back in 2018 (Wyatt, perhaps?). Karma Chameleon took place in 1983, so there’s no need to be concerned about Rufus or Wyatt travelling to a time when they already exist. With Jiya now able to pilot the lifeboat, season two may involve some shaking up of the dynamics, but her time-related gift of being able to see into the past may also keep her firmly grounded in the present.

This may not be the 1981 episode, however, With the cast and crew currently filming what appears to be an episode that’s set in the 1950s, could that instead be 2×05?


2×06 is written by Anslem Richardson, and is centered around blues musician Robert Johnson. 2x06

With his iconic Cross Road Blues mentioned by Eric Kripke on twitter, this episode is looking to take place in 1936 or 1937, in Mississippi or Arkansas. With Johnson’s life poorly recorded, there’s plenty of mystery here for Richardson to delve into. Richardson has previously written strong season one episodes, so this one should be a season two stand-out.


One other date mentioned by NBC is 1692, with Eric Kripke tweeting a spoiler about the Salem Witch Trials. It was in 1692 that the trials began, with five women executed by hanging in July of that year. August and September are also significant months for prosecutions and hangings. Or could the team be going back to when it all started, in February of that year when young Betty Parris and Abigail Williams first had fits? With no obvious spoilers about 2×04 just yet, this could potentially be that episode, or it may be a later one yet to be filmed. Should we be concerned about the safety of our favorite anthropologist and historian, Lucy Preston, in this episode? Or, with men also executed, might Rufus or Wyatt be threatened with Gallows Hill instead?


Timeless season two, The War To End All Wars, premieres on March 11th on NBC, at 10/9c.

Watch and live- tweet using the hashtag #Timeless, and by tagging @NBCTimeless in all tweets.


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