#RenewTimeless for Season 3

It’s never too soon to start the campaign rolling for Timeless to be renewed for a third season, and we’ve got some tips on how to help ensure this happens.

We may have been able to fight back and have the show uncancelled once, but we mightn’t be so lucky again. The goal now is to ensure solid season two ratings that stay steady. And here’s how you can help:

        • In the lead-up to the Season Two Premiere on March 11, tweet about the show. Whether you find ways to include it in trending hashtags, join in on the rewatch parties, or just find any excuse to post a gif, BE LOUD. YELL ABOUT THIS SHOW. Make sure to always add the hashtag #Timeless to your tweets, and tag @NBCTimeless.

          And if your Facebook is public, or you’re a member of a public Facebook Timeless group, include the hashtag #Timeless on your status updates about the show.

      • WATCH LIVE and live-tweet on Sunday nights. If you don’t have a Nielsen Box, your tuning in won’t be counted BUT your tweets will be. It has been suggested by Miracle on twitter to use only ONE hashtag, #Timeless, and tag @NBCTimeless in all your tweets about the episode while live-tweeting. Note: According to Miracle if you use more than one hashtag it won’t trend so don’t go overboard. Use one (#Timeless) and tag @NBCTimeless.
      • Stream the episode each week from NBC’s website once it becomes available – watch within three days of the episode airing, and DO NOT skip the commercials. Yes, streaming the episode from NBC is taken into account, so even if you watched it live, watch it again on their site or app. Always be loud, always let the twitterverse know you’re watching. Here you can use additional hashtags. A good second one to use would be #RenewTimeless. And the #Clockblockers one as a third addition. Hashtag, hashtag, hashtag.
      • Speaking of commercials, support the sponsors. If you purchase something you see during a commercial break, tweet the company, let them know you bought it because you saw it during Timeless. AND THANK THEM for being a sponsor.
      • Above all, BE LOUD. Tweet, a lot, about #Timeless. Tag @NBCTimeless. Tell your friends, your co-workers, your family, to watch. Tell them to tell a friend. Pass it on. Talk about it until people are so sick of hearing about it they tune in. GIF it, smother your tumblr followers with gifs, until they’re so intrigued they watch the show. Buy the DVDs, tweet a photo of your purchase, tag @NBCTimeless. Use the hashtag on Facebook. Slap the hashtag on a t-shirt and wear it in public. Watch live. Live-tweet. Stream the episode.

On March 4th Eric Kripke tweeted the following advice, and we’re adding it here.


We can get this show renewed for a third season, but it’s going to take work. It’s going to take every single one of us.

We can do this!


2 thoughts on “#RenewTimeless for Season 3

  1. You might add to also include @nbc in the tweets, so they also notice that we’re here and caring. Full Twitter addition to every tweet would be #Timeless @nbctimeless @nbc then.


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