Spotlight on: Facebook Groups

While there are many smaller Timeless Facebook groups out there, this post will focus on the main four, based on group size and activity. Whether you’re wanting to join one, two, three, or all, below is a basic guide to help direct you to the one (or more) right for you.

First up is the open group Timeless Fan Group #Timeless. 
tiemless 4.pngThis group is the smaller of the four,  with just over 1000 members, but active. Typically the group reposts a lot from instagram and twitter, but there are also polls, and original posts that spark discussion. The owner is passionate about the group and the show, although this passion does toe the too-much line at times, and if you don’t have a lot of facebook friends you might find yourself blocked and unable to join.
This group is useful for you if: You’re not on twitter or instagram and use Facebook to access that content; you want your use of the hashtag #Timeless to count for something; you enjoy lively discussion; you don’t mind your activity showing up on all your friends’ feeds.

Next up is the closed group Timeless: NBC TV Series.
timeless 3.pngThis group boasts over 2000 members, doesn’t repost as much from other social media platforms, and is mostly discussion, with some scattered instagram posts. Fans here write their own scripts, and share links to Timeless articles and episode reviews. Also posted here are reminders for the episode rewatch parties on twitter, and information on the different places you can vote for the show in various categories.
This group is useful for you if: You’re creative and want to share your Timeless-related writing; you wish to engage with the fandom in discussions; you keep fandom and Facebook separate and don’t want your activity here made public on your friends’ feeds.

Finally, the other active fangroup is Timeless (TV Show) Discussion Group with around 1800 members.
timeless 2.png
This is another closed group, which is a positive if you prefer the privacy. Like the other groups, this one has original discussion, social media reposts, and general updates and information. There’s nothing here that makes it stand out from the others, but it’s home to a lively and dedicated group of fans.
This group is useful for you if: you wish to engage with the fandom in discussions; you keep fandom and Facebook separate and don’t want your activity here made public to your friends; you want to access content from other social media without using those platforms.

The official NBC Timeless page is the ultimate page for social media content.
nbctimelessThis page shares images from Matt Lanter, Abigail Spencer, and Malcolm Barrett, and reposts some of their own tweets from the official twitter @NBCTimeless. With over 150,000 people having liked the page or following it, this is the ultimate in fan hangouts. It’s also a good place to go to let NBC know just how much you love their show.
This page is useful for you if: You’re a fan (go on, give it a like!); you want to interact with the official page, and have your love of the show seen by NBC; you want to see content from the actors without following them personally.


Which is your favorite Timeless Facebook page, and why?




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