Spotlight on: Tumblr Blogs

Whether you want to stare at gifs all day, read fanfic, write fanfic, or discuss your favorite show, Tumblr has you covered for Timeless content.

For general content, Rittenhousetl is all Timeless, all the time, and is one of the best run fan blogs on Tumblr.
The Official NBC Timeless blog has been quiet since Season 1 ended, but it’s useful for going back in time. And hopefully it will become active again once Season 2 begins.
While not the most active blog, TimelessCentral posts gifs, updated from the actors, and general news about the show.
And The-Lifeboat is a solid general blog, full of gifs, and commentary by the owner.

Need Lyatt gifs? The aptly named LyattGifs blog has got you covered.
As does the Lucy-Wyatt blog, which posts everything from fanfiction to gifs.

The GarcyNetwork posts fanfiction and gifs relating to the ship of Lucy and Flynn, however the blog has been quiet the past four months. Few of the navigation links work, so at this stage you cannot easily follow tags or meet the members, but as it’s one of the few Garcy blogs, it deserves a spotlight.
Personal blogs for Garcy content include: PrairiePirate, AmazingGraceTX, GarciiaFlynn, extasiswings, and OnlyMoreLove.

For the Fanfiction writers, two blogs have emerged as the stand-outs for writing inspiration.
The Timeless Fanfic Prompts Blog runs monthly contests during hiatus, with all past contests and fanfics organized by tag and easy to find. During the show’s seasons, the blog posts weekly writing prompts to help fuel the muse.
The Timeless Big Bang has just started organizing the second Big Bang, with the first having taken place in 2017. Registration is open until March 31st, so there’s time to sign up if you’re a writer looking for your next challenge, or an artist wanting to contribute. All information is easy to find on the blog, and past stories can be found by scrolling down.

Fanfiction readers can get their fix at The Timeless Library, where stories can be sorted by character, relationship, universe, or content, and everything is tagged and easy to find. The blog is currently being updated weekly.
Another option is the AO3Feed-LucyWyatt blog, which is an automated IFTTT feed of any fics tagged Wyatt Logan/Lucy Preston that are uploaded to AO3. Follow this if you want to be alerted to new Lyatt stories as they’re uploaded.


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