The War to End all Wars: Promotional Photos

“Lucy, you won’t lose me, I promise. Rittenhouse would never allow it.”

And with that revelation, that Lucy’s mom is Rittenhouse, and Lucy herself is practically Rittenhouse royalty, a collective gasp went through the fandom. Mouths hung open, eyes were wide – and we’ve been waiting a year to find out what happens next.

The wait is almost over, and to help us along NBC have released a batch of promotional photos for 2×01, The War to End all Wars.

With Lucy wearing the same outfit as her mother, and @TimelessRoom’s #WhereIsLucy tweet, we may see Lucy taken on board the mothership by Carol and Emma, back to 1917, with the Wyatt and Rufus following in the lifeboat.
Will Lucy turn her back on her mother? Will she embrace the Rittenhouse life? What’s Emma’s motives? And will Amy return? While we wait to find out the answer to these, and so many more questions, take a look at the photos below, and leave your premiere speculation in the comments.


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