First Season Two Promo


The fifteen second Timeless teaser trailer aired tonight during the Olympics.

We break it down:

The ticker stops on 1955, and we see Lucy, wearing fifties-inspired clothing, running beside a building, with Rufus behind her.


We cut to – a car speeding down a dirt road.t3

The ticker starts again, stops on 1941, and the Time Team turns to the camera, all looking very dapper.1941

We cut to – Wyatt and Lucy in a corridor, Lucy planting what looks to be a rather impulsive kiss on Wyatt. t5t6


The ticker resumes, and then it’s 1918, and two World War One planes soar through the sky in combat.1918


The next date is 1692, and while there’s no new footage, just a clip from season one, we know this date relates to the Salem Witch Trials.1692








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