Season One on Hulu

It has taken months of pleading with NBC and Sony to make the entire first season of Timeless available to stream for US audiences, and our pleas have finally been answered.

With less than a month until Season Two premieres on March 11, Timeless Season One is available in it’s entirety on Hulu. Previously, only a handful of episodes were on NBC’s website, while multiple international Netflix sites have it up for non-US viewers.
This allows people roughly three weeks to refresh their memories before 2×01 airs, it also allows time for new viewers to binge the show. Despite nagging NBC for almost a year, their timing is smart. The show will now be fresh in everyone’s minds, and for all the new fans it pulls in this month they’ll have a short hiatus between seasons.

Thank you, NBC and Sony, for making season one available to stream. And a reminder that the DVDs of Season One (complete with deleted scenes and a gag reel) is available at multiple outlets, including amazon.


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