Spotlight on: Fan Sites

While there aren’t a lot of Timeless fansites out there just yet, what does exist is quality.
Here we spotlight the fantastic fansites available for Clockblockers to peruse.

The brand-new recently launched, and, as the owner has a history of running successful fansites, it already looks like it’s going to be a wealth of Clockblocker information. simy


The ClockBlockerWeekly has been around for a while, with its owner a leader when it came to rallying the #RenewTimeless troops. Here there’s polls, a blog, information on live events, links to Hello Bump, and more. It’s been quiet lately but hopefully with season two just around the corner it will start to be updated again. Check out the blog for helpful information on how to help renew Timeless for Season three. mark

TalkTVWithTiffany is a general TV blog, but her Timeless posts are positive and insightful. If you weren’t excited about the show before, Tiffany will get you hyped with her delightful exuberance for all things Timeless. There are reviews and articles, and she also creates quizzes and crosswords, so you can keep your mind active while finding out which Timeless character you are. Be sure to check out the rest of her blog too if you love television. tiffany

Another general TV blog, Fangirlish are big fans of Timeless, and their love for it shines through in the quality articles they produce. This site should be your go-to for episode previews and reviews/recaps. The writing team produce intelligent, insightful reviews, and with articles such as the Ode to Wyatt they dive deeper into these characters, reminding us why we fell in love with them in the first place.  fangirlish


One final general blog with Timeless content is Why Run To The TARDIS? It’s updated regularly with season two information, including promotional pictures, episode synopses, and trailers, and you’ll also find the Comic Con panel here. If you’re a Superwholockian, a Trekker, a Potterhead, you’ll find other content to keep you occupied as well. tardis

What’s your favorite Timeless fansite/blog?


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