2×01 Timeless-Online Advance Review

Timeless - Season 2
TIMELESS — “The War to End All Wars” Episode 201 (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)


If I had only one word to sum up episode one of Timeless season two, it would be: “Amazing.” Lucy’s word, in regard to something else entirely, but it holds true.

From the previously-on, which is a ride in itself, to the last scene, The War to End all Wars takes the viewers on a journey one-hundred years into the past and back again, and also through a staggering amount of emotions, in just 43 minutes.


Should character development be one of your requirements, 2×01 will leave you in awe – and also with a heavier heart. This is a more desperate Lucy than one we’ve previously seen, so changed by all she’s seen, all she’s done, all that’s been done to her through the course of season one, and also by events that occur early in 2×01. She’s just as driven, but her goals have changed so dramatically my heart physically ached for her throughout the entire episode.
And Wyatt’s, not so quietly, going through his own torment too, but he has experience in this and now he’s more determined than ever.

Timeless - Season 2
TIMELESS — “The War to End All Wars” Episode 201 — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

Agent Christopher is fierce, and unapologetic, and hands-down one of my favorite characters  – even more so after this episode. You’ll be frustrated by some of her decisions, but you’ll understand why she’s made them. And as for Connor Mason, this is the episode that completely changed my mind about him.

Rufus is a frigging genius, in case anyone has forgotten. And so is Jiya, who has a couple of truly awkward moments and probably went and locked herself in the lifeboat afterwards to avoid having to utter any more apologies. Together, these two are my favorite TV couple, and there’s one Riya moment in particular that’s very caring and sweet and made me realize just how much I’ve missed these two.

Timeless - Season 2
TIMELESS — “The War to End All Wars” Episode 201 – (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

There’s lyatt too, but I’m not prepared to even slightly spoil any of it. So I’ll just say this is the most lyatt episode to ever lyatt, and if this is any indication of what’s in store this season I’m 100% certain I will not survive.


The dynamics get a bit of a shake-up, and it’s interesting to watch three women in particular attempt to gel. We learn more of what growing up with Carol Preston was like, some reminiscing that gives Lucy an opportunity to bond a little with a historical figure. And your blood will run cold as you learn just what Emma’s been up to… spoiler: it’s nothing good.

Every scene is necessary, every scene drives the story forward, both the one being told in this episode, and the Rittenhouse mythology – which is succinctly revealed here to be much simpler than season one, yet even more ominous and deadly.  Where I may have been feeling a little over Rittenhouse by the end of season one, 2×01 has me excited again.


I laughed (Rufus utters one of the best lines that should elicit a chuckle from even the most sombre fan), my hand almost permanently covered my mouth, my heart ached, I let out a few fangirly noises (screeching pterodactyls had nothing on me during one of those lyatt scenes), and I shed some tears.

This episode’s rewatch factor is high – trust me, I’ve already watched it four times. It’s tightly-written, beautifully crafted, and it makes me wonder how NBC ever originally cancelled this show to begin with.
What they would have lost.


If you need a little more to tide you over until March 11, we’ll leave you with a few dialogue teases:

“You wanna ask Siri for the nearest gas station?”

“I have trust issues with you, Wyatt.”

“Let’s go change history.”

“Your French is terrible.”

“This is so much bigger than you or me.”

 “You went to a lot of trouble to keep this zombie alive.”



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