Rating Timeless (IMDB, and similar sites)

Should you rate and review Timeless on sites such as IMDB, Amazon, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes?
The short answer is: Yes.

The long answer is a little more complex.

NBC won’t renew a show based on its IMDB ratings, no network will. To renew a show, a network needs revenue – and that comes from sponsors, from ratings gathered from Neilsen, from what people are watching and buying. On Social Media, Neilsen can measure the social impact of a show, and the network pays attention to this (which is why we advocate tweeting your fingers raw with the hashtag #Timeless). The network does look at the online ratings, but these are important for another reason:

A top rated show draws more viewers.

The more reviews, the more votes, the more positive these are – it’s all more enticing for those looking to watch a new show. By going to sites such as IMDB, by leaving your thoughts, by giving it a rating out of ten, you are helping to influence people’s viewing decisions. YOU are helping to draw more viewers.
Perhaps you’ve tried getting your friends and family watching, but they’re just not interested. By reviewing and rating on online sites you can help draw others in.
So take it seriously. Give your words some thought. If you can, detail WHY you love the show. WHAT type of show it is. WHO your favorite characters are. Quote the show, describe a scene that resonated with you, review the episodes individually. 

Don’t forget Amazon.com. This is where people spend money to watch, whether they’re buying the episodes in digital form, or purchasing the Season One DVD set. Revenue. It’s all revenue. Leave your thoughts here – yell it to the world why everyone should purchase the DVDs, why everyone needs to watch Timeless.

But keep this in mind: If you’ve signed up just to review Timeless, your rating won’t necessarily affect the overall one. Newly registered IMDB users’ votes aren’t allowed to disproportionately influence the rating of a show. So you’re going to need to spend some time rating and reviewing other shows and movies on IMDB to count.
A similar issue arises at Rotten Tomatoes where, for its main rankings, only those from approved critics and publications actually influence the overall rating. So both sites have ways to tweak those ratings you see.

Still, this should not stop you from sharing your views. Go to IMDB, go to Rotten Tomatoes, down vote the reviews you disagree with, upvote the ones you like. Leave your own. Rate the show. Get other people as excited about it as you are and entice someone new to start watching through your words.

The more viewers, the more likely a season three is. Don’t quit now, Clockblockers.


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