New Promo Spoilers – All The Memories You Have Are New

“Key moments in history are being altered to change the present. All the memories you have, are new.”

It’s a terrifying thought, that memories of events, of a life lived, could be new. Not events you actually lived through, but moments slipped into your memory by a quiet tweaking of historical events.

And how much of these changed affect the Time Team themselves? We’ve seen how the changes that happen while they’re traveling don’t affect their memories, but Rufus’ line suggests they’re not immune in the present.

What does this mean for our three heroes?

Are Wyatt’s memories of Jessica altered? Are their childhoods, time spent with their families, different now? How different is Rufus and Jiya’s relationship through their individual eyes, since one travels to the past and one stays (mostly) in the present through it all?
And how much of those changes to history, how many of the changes to each character’s own timeline, affect the person themselves? At what point do these new memories create a shift in personality, until someone seems out of character?

Of course, Rufus could just be referring to memories of historical events, with the alterations to each one just becoming the history they thought they always knew – which answers the question as to how useful Lucy still is as a history professor.

But I think the way it could affect the characters on a more personal level is much more interesting to speculate about.

The wait for Season Two is getting harder with every day. Is it March 11th yet?


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