Vote for Paterson Joseph’s book this month

Connor Mason may not pilot the lifeboat, but Paterson Joseph is able to pilot us back in time, in his book, Julius Caesar and Me: Exploring Shakespeare’s African Play.


“For Paterson Joseph, his experience of playing Brutus in Julius Caesar was a defining point in his career, and a transformative experience. Joseph serves up details of the rehearsal process; his key collaborations during an eclectic career; as well as his experience of working with a majority black cast.” 

From March 1st – 31st we are asking every Clockblocker who reads this page, to go to and vote for Mr Joseph’s book by clicking on the star above his title.

And give him a follow on twitter @ignatius_sancho, where he just might answer one of your burning Timeless questions.

We recently asked about Mason’s relationship with Rufus, and if Season two changes the dynamic, and this was the wonderful answer we received:


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