Open to Possibilities: Loriann’s Story

On March 11 when Timeless season two premieres (at 10/9c on NBC), one of our fellow Clockblockers will be absent from the live-tweeting event – but with good reason.
There’s too much darkness in this world, too many reasons to struggle, and it’s difficult sometimes to see the positives, and so in starting this series I hope to bring the positives to you. This fandom has some of the biggest hearts I’ve ever encountered, and the good that these Clockblockers have been doing are stories worth sharing.

In her own words, here’s Loriann’s story, of what inspired her to sign up to go to Puerto Rico and help rebuild, and why Timeless means so much to her.

IMG_3346“Once upon a time, our family was living our best lives on the gulf coast of Mississippi. My youngest son had been recovering from a brain tumor and this was where the Air Force sent us for his medical care. We bought a house, set down some roots and were living the dream. That dream turned into a nightmare when hurricane Katrina decimated the area. My kids and I were in a shelter and had a front row seat to this historic event. We were moved almost immediately. During those weeks before we moved, we were blessed by so many who came and loved on us, people from all over. I’ve never forgotten those people.

Since then, I’ve had a heart for paying this forward. Every time there was a catastrophic storm, I’d be wondering how these people were doing. How they were eating, showering, washing clothes, keeping their kids sane. Having kids at home of my own, I could venture out and help beyond donating water or toiletries.

This past fall, two major hurricanes rocked two different locations. Harvey wreaked havoc on the coast of Texas and Maria left the island or Puerto Rico reeling. These two storms galvanized me into action. I just couldn’t sit back comfortably and watch people suffer.

So one weekend, I drove to Houston with a local church and helped to clean and cook for a relief team. While we were there, Puerto Rico came up in conversation.  I heard a voice in my heart telling me I needed to go. So when these pastors planned a trip, to help rebuild a church, I signed up on faith.

Now, I have a pretty small comfort zone. I’m a Christian preschool teacher whose idea of a good time is staying home with a cat in my lap and a book in my hands. I’m a 110 lb weakling who has had major health problems. Yet, here I am signing up for manual labor in pretty much a foreign country.

The trip was scheduled for a March 10th time frame. We are going over spring break. I’m excited, scared, proud, and in awe that I was able to sign up for this and go. I’m not sure how much I can do physically, but I already love Puerto Rico and I’m going to love on these folks so hard that they’ll never forget it.

I think Timeless resonates with me because I’ve been in a middle of a historic event and I’m setting myself down into another one this week coming up.
I love the premise. I love the characters and the casting is spot on. When this show was canceled, I was truthfully heartbroken. Imagine my joy when it got uncancelled three days later.

The fans of this show are the most inclusive fans I’ve ever met. I belong to a group on Twitter, affectionately known as Clockblockers and these people have been my sounding board, my shoulder to lean on and my breath of fresh air over these past several stressful weeks.

The season premier happens to land hours after I land in Puerto Rico. No live tweeting for me, but I just want to share with the cast and crew my prayers and best wishes for a great season premier. You all will be in my heart that night. You all are brilliant, you all have a gift, and most of all I want you to remember you all are loved. You and this show are making a difference in people’s lives.
I’m looking forward to catching up with you all when I come back!”



If anyone would like to follow Loriann’s journey on twitter, or just talk Timeless with her when she returns, you can find her here: @AmazingGraceTx










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