“The Darlington 500” Advance Review

This is my new favorite episode.
Get used to reading that – I think I’m going to be typing those words every week this season.

After last week’s emotional rollercoaster, The Darlington 500 is 43 minutes of pure fun. Well, almost. What’s happening to Jiya isn’t fun. Nor is Mason’s ongoing struggle to regain a little of the life he’s used to.
Apart from that: FUN.


Garcy/Flynn fans, rejoice! Your boy plays a bigger role this week.
Meanwhile, Rittenhouse continue to be a nasty piece of work. Only sociopaths need apply to this club.

2x02_3You thought Wyatt’s “the cars were cool” line from 1×16 was a throwaway? Oh no, my friends. Timeless does not do throwaway lines. Wyatt’s a “stone-cold nerd” when it comes to cars, and not only do we get to see him fanboying, but this episode delves a little deeper into his youth and we learn WHY he’s into cars so much. Your emotions will be about as conflicted as Wyatt’s. You’ll be drawn in by his car enthusiasm, while your heart aches from the stories he shares.

2x02_12Rufus doesn’t have it easy (when does he?), and he struggles to connect because NASCAR is a language he simply doesn’t speak.

And Wendell Scott is the real hero of this episode.


Lucy and Wyatt’s relationship continues to move forward, with a nice scene at the beginning (that also answers your questions about who’s bunking with whom), and then a bigger scene later in the episode that’s so full of vulnerability, tenderness, and honesty, that your heart might burst (Keep an eye out for where Wyatt’s red jacket ends up too).


One final tease, for the fanfic readers: something you read in fic a lot happens in this episode. Is it Wyatt calling Lucy “Luce”? Is it Lyatt sharing a room? Is it Rufus interrupting a Lyatt moment? Is it Lucy being the world’s worst cook? Is it Lucy calling Flynn by his first name?
Hit the comments with your guesses.

The Darlington 500 airs Sunday, March 18th, 10/9c on NBC.


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