“The Salem Witch Hunt” Advance Review, Images, and Promo

The next episode of Timeless, The Salem Witch Hunt, takes us to 1692 and through a rollercoaster of emotions that leave every member of the team a little more scarred by the end of the episode.


SWH6This season, Timeless isn’t just introducing us to historical figures, it’s making sure we fall utterly in love with each person the team meets. From Marie and Irene Curie, to Wendell Scott, to Hedy Lamarr, each new episode has nestled these people deep into our hearts. This week is no different, and the headstrong Abiah, whom the team meet in Salem, will command your attention, make you root for her, and leave you absolutely adoring her.


SWH12Malcolm Barrett is spoiling the fans this season. This man is a gift and we don’t deserve him. The “clockblocker” line in the premiere was fantastic, and it still makes me laugh, but it doesn’t make me laugh as loud as a scene in this episode did. It’s a moment I’d been quietly hoping for, and nothing made me happier than this one moment of pure joy. It maybe doesn’t happen at the most appropriate moment, but that almost makes it better.

I’m keeping this vague so not to spoil it, but this is a man who listens to the fans. He knows what makes us happy, what will make us laugh, and he’s giving it to us.


SWH8Flynn’s working with the team this episode, as seen in the promotional photos. He spends most of the episode trying to get his hands on something, and when he finally does he just proves how right the need for it was.

There’s tension as the team works together, but one character at least comes away with more respect for him, and I do too as we see hints of the man he was before Rittenhouse murdered his family.



My heart broke for Lucy, a lot. It doesn’t seem like things are going to get easier for her anytime soon, and Carol isn’t helping. And while the lyatt ship is scraping its way through shallow waters, thanks to Hollywoodland’s shocking ending, the Garcy fans should be very pleased with this episode.


SWH2Finally, Wyatt’s going through a lot and he’s getting through it as best he can. Our favorite impulsive, reckless, hothead makes a decision that will affect everyone in the silo, and while we may not agree with it, I can appreciate how he thought it was his only option.
He’s stumbling through this altered reality, and he’s making mistakes. It’s something we saw when he left after receiving the text in 2×03, and something we see more of in 2×04.


Overall, this is another strong episode, adding to what’s already a solid start to the season. The Timeless writing room deserves all the awards for the stories they’ve blessed us with this year. I only hope NBC appreciate the quality of what they’re producing, despite the lower than hoped for quantity of Nielsen viewers, and renews this show for a third season.


The Salem Witch Hunt airs Sunday April 8th, at 10/9c on NBC.


One thought on ““The Salem Witch Hunt” Advance Review, Images, and Promo

  1. Thank you for this. I cannot go on enough how much I love this site. All things #timeless in one handy location. Thanks for your hard work. Oh and before I forget…#garcyrise!


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