We Will Not Go Quietly: Renew Timeless

Okay, so, you’re watching live every Sunday night, you’re live-tweeting as you watch, and you’re watching the episode again on the NBC app, or Hulu, within 72 hours of each episode screening.

Great! By doing all three of those things you ARE being seen by NBC.

But – you can be more visible.

61-3JZHj0KLBuy the Season One DVD set, if you haven’t already. Here’s the link to it on Amazon, where it’s rated 4.7 stars out of 5 (and don’t forget you can add your review too).

NBC may not have offered much in the way of official merchandise, but we need to make sure we’re purchasing as much of what’s out there as we can. Here’s something really cool: Some Clockblockers are even purchasing sets to donate to their local libraries. So even if you don’t own a DVD player, you could buy a set to donate for others.



91FlK+j+v8L._SL1500_Buy the Music from the Original Series Soundtrack. Here’s the link to it on Amazon, where it is available for pre-order. 

Not only does this feature Robert Duncan’s beautiful music from seasons one and two, but Abigail Spencer’s “You Made Me Love You” from Hollywoodland will also be included on the CD. It doesn’t have any reviews yet, but there’s no reason why you can’t leave a review after pre-ordering your copy. How much do you love the Over the Hump Lyatt theme? Is Lucy singing to Wyatt still playing in your head; do you find yourself humming it at random moments during the day?


sosVOTE for USA Today’s Save Our Shows! Here’s the link, go now and vote to save Timeless. NBC took notice of Timeless’ success in this poll last year. Let’s repeat that success.

Ultimately, it will come down to more than just the live ratings. NBC will look at EVERYTHING. At merchandise sales, at live viewers, at streaming viewers, at social media (eg: trending of the hashtag), and yes, at polls such as USA Today’s Save Our Shows. It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity when your favorite show is on the bubble, but it’s never been more important to keep fighting. Don’t give up because some site puts the show as likely to be cancelled. Just be LOUDER.



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