Jessica Logan and Why She Can’t Be Rittenhouse

In the closing minute of Hollywoodland, Wyatt walked through a bar towards the woman he had lost in 2012. Yes, Jessica Logan has returned from the dead. In her mind, she has never been dead, but living in an unhappy marriage with a Wyatt who has been less than present.

This Wyatt who walked into her bar? He’s not the same man she’s been married to these past six years. And Wyatt, too, has to deal with that. Not only is he having to come to grips with his wife being alive, but the fact he’s been a bad husband.

The reality of the marriage he was present for – up until 2012 when his Jessica died – is sure to come rushing back to him now the reminders of their issues are staring him in the face.
Their marriage is now, and was always, far from the perfect one he chose to remember. Jessica isn’t wrong when she tells Wyatt he’s put their marriage on a pedestal. That’s exactly what he did the last six years, and now he’s having to be honest and admit it was never like how he describes it.

This is why I don’t buy into the Jessica is Rittenhouse theories circling around the fandom right now.
Yes, there’s conflicting information on her name (she’s listed as “Amanda” on IMDB), but I would argue this was to try and keep the spoiler of Jessica’s return from leaking.
If Jessica is Rittenhouse, it’s too easy of an out for Wyatt. It makes it too easy for him to divorce Jessica and return to Lucy.
I expect more from this writing room.
I expect Wyatt to have to make this decision himself, and not because suddenly she’s evil!Jessica.
I require him to realize Jessica is someone he was in love with, but even that love was disappearing before her death. Yes, she’s his wife, and he loves her, but is he still in love with the Jessica in 2018? I need the answer to be no.
Once he realizes he has idealized this relationship, and idolized Jessica, he can sign those divorce papers and truly get the closure from this marriage that he needs.
Then, and only then, can he begin to earn back the trust of the woman he is actually in love with now – Lucy.

Lucy is not a consolation prize because Jessica is Rittenhouse.


I hope the writers understand this too.



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