The Kennedy Curse Advance Review

The Kennedy Curse breaks Timeless out of its mold by switching up the format and the dynamics. Placing this at the halfway point of the season feels very deliberate, and we anticipate some realizations from this episode weighing heavy on some characters’ minds moving forward.
It’s fantastic episodes like this one that make us scream at NBC to renew this show already – and question why they haven’t.


In brief:

Our Time Team is a solid, cohesive unit, and making changes there has never led to successful missions in the past. Even the switch last week of Wyatt and Flynn could have been why, for the first time, Lucy was injured. This week, the boys have gone back to 1934 without Lucy – and as was shown in the promos, it doesn’t work out so well for them.


Lucy is one of our favorite things about this episode. She has a mini-arc as she works through her feelings about Jessica’s presence in the bunker, and her actions are so human, and so flawed in places, that we love her even more for it.

She’s also a dork who gets excited over cellphones.


Flynn’s level of trust with the team is clearly growing, for him to allow them to do … what they did.


Jessica has a line that gets a reaction from everyone – and every single one of those reactions is gold.

And if you were hoping to dislike her, sorry. It won’t happen in this episode. The writers, and Tonya Glanz, have delivered a very likeable character, who’s working through all these changes and revelations in her life with more grace than most of us would manage.


Carol remains a nasty piece of work, while Agent Christopher is as brilliant as ever.


Connor Mason is almost starting to feel like a different character. These changes in his life, despite his frustrations, are looking to be a good thing for him. Maybe it’s that we’re finally starting to see more sides of him, instead of the Connor who ran Mason Industries under Rittenhouse’s rule. Whatever it is, I like it, and him.


There’s a little Garcy, a little Lyatt, and all relationships, including friendships, feel stronger by the end of this episode.


And there’s two callbacks to season one lines. One’s just plain fun, while the other is an assault on the feels that will either elicit pterodactyl screeching or dying whale noises from you. We hope you’ll tell us which.


Dialogue Teases:

“What could go wrong?”

“This time-travel stuff really messes with your head.”

“There’s no such thing as a higher power.”

“It’d be a shame if your children grow up without a mother.”

“I remember that you never left my side.”

“Someone’s mom is here.”
“Mom my ass.”

“I have no regrets.”


The Kennedy Curse airs Sunday, April 15th, 10/9c on NBC.


By Clockblockers and awrighterinbriz.


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