“The Kennedy Curse” Review

We need to get this out of the way first: Lucy could have responded no other way to Jessica almost leaving Wyatt.
As much as Lucy loves Wyatt, as much as she deserves to be happy too, had she let Jessica leave it would have negatively affected lyatt.
By forcing Jessica to stay and give Watt a second chance, yes, Lucy is currently sacrificing her own happiness. But had she been selfish there it also would have been sacrificed.
One hundred percent, Lucy did the right thing here.
Just because Jessica is giving him a second chance now, doesn’t mean the relationship will be successful.


Lucy’s journey in The Kennedy Curse is an interesting one. She’s the other woman, like she had an affair with a married man, and suddenly he’s brought his wife into what is technically her home, her space, and there’s nowhere for her to go to avoid her. It’s an awkward situation for Lucy to be in, and Abigail Spencer plays that awkwardness brilliantly.
Over the course of the episode Lucy makes the decision to be around Wyatt and Jessica, to keep an eye on them, and to remind Wyatt she still exists. During these interactions, Lucy gets to see just how many years of history Jessica and Wyatt have, and as she also started to learn in 2×02 and 2×03, she really doesn’t know much about Wyatt, beyond what she sees in their day-to-day interactions.
This is why I firmly believe Jessica coming back is a good thing for lyatt. It will only make them stronger. Lucy has the opportunity to learn more about this man she’s in love with, through his wife, through his interactions with his wife, and when that marriage ultimately ends (and it will) Lucy and Wyatt will have a stronger bond.


Jessica is fantastic, and if she does turn out to be involved with Rittenhouse I’ll be upset. She’s human, perceptive, and kind. She doesn’t lose her cool when she sees the connection between Lucy and Wyatt, and she handles the entire situation with a lot more grace than most people would. She’s been thrust into this crazy bunker environment, but she’s trying to settle into it – for Wyatt. And even though she can see that her husband has fallen for another woman, she still makes the effort to be genuinely nice to that woman.
One interesting piece of dialogue won’t stop swirling around inside my mind through. When Jessica tells Lucy, “It’s not like he was faithful to me before. I don’t know why he’d be faithful to me now,” I wonder in which reality he cheated. Did the Wyatt we know cheat on Jessica pre-2012? Or was this something that happened in the other timeline, between 2012 and 2018?
I really hope it wasn’t the Wyatt we know and love.


I do not envy Wyatt  in this episode, surrounded by both women he’s in love with – who are interacting with each other.
It’s interesting how distant he seems with Jessica at times, almost as if he’s not recognizing her as the same woman he lost in 2012. Contrast that with how he is with Lucy, how his eyes soften when he watches her, how he smiles as she slips him a paperclip and then pesters the guard about his supervisor, and his words at the end – the callback to Last Ride of Bonnie and Clyde (a little more on that later). I’m not thrilled about his behavior, but I struggle to fault him considering this crazy situation.


Our Bunker Babies:

The format of this episode, the way the writers have switched things up, feels very deliberate at this halfway point of the season. They were clearly determined to deliver the best season of a television show possible, and they’re succeeding. Every episode is outshining the previous one.

The Keynes storyline doesn’t feel like it’s weighing down the plot. It’s slotted in carefully during the episodes, and is always just enough to forward that story without dominating. The simplicity of Rittenhouse this season is one of the best things the writers did.


Carol threatening Agent Christopher, and her family, is one of my least favorite things about this episode. But Denise just reaffirms how brilliant she is. Carol really should have been smarter there.


The more Jiya and Rufus discuss her visions, the more I worry about these two. Jiya’s condition is impacting their relationship, but Rufus isn’t helping. I don’t know how these two get through this if this slow deterioration continues. Rufus needs to change his attitude, even if he doesn’t want to. He needs to, for Jiya.


I liked young JFK, but I liked Kayla more. How accepting she was of him, how she didn’t turn her back on him because all she saw was someone who needed help.


Flynn is a sweetheart and you can’t convince me otherwise. That lovely, quiet moment where he brought Lucy the beer, that silent support, proves how necessary he is in this bunker right now.


Thank you, Timeless, for giving us the scenes between Lucy and Denise, Lucy and Jiya, and Lucy and Jessica. All wonderful scenes of women supporting women (even if Lucy perhaps shoved Jessica just a little too hard when she pushed her to safety).


Final Lyatt Thoughts:

That last lyatt scene destroyed me. I appreciate that Wyatt is trying, but that was not the right time to throw that “babydoll” line in. All it did was make Lucy feel just a little worse.
There should be no vague “see you round the bunker” lines either. He needs to prove to her she hasn’t lost him, and a “babydoll” isn’t enough. I’m not saying he needs to sneak around behind Jessica’s back, but Lucy has lost too many people recently. I can’t handle her having lost Wyatt too.
That lingering look he gave her as she walked away is proof, though, that lyatt is endgame. He’s too in love with Lucy to be able to let her go easily. I just need him to realize – quickly – he’s not in love with Jessica anymore.

There’s a maturity in this love triangle that we don’t see very often. Yes, it exists, but it isn’t angst for the sake of angst. These characters actually need this. Wyatt needs the closure. Lucy needs to see more sides of Wyatt and learn more about his past. Lyatt will be stronger for it. There’s no doubt in my mind.



2 thoughts on ““The Kennedy Curse” Review

  1. I’m right there with you. I think what Wyatt really needs is Jessica’s forgiveness, since self-blame is his kryptonite.
    They are writing her as generous enough to do that. However, he’s delusional to think that he can ‘do the right thing’ with Jessica and hoard his feelings for Lucy at the same time; it’s like he thinks he can rewind the clock with that baby doll comment, to the exact moment when he was feeling all warm and fuzzy but not acting on it. It’s not sustainable. He’s being pretty honest with Lucy about his feelings for Jessica, but as far as we know, he’s still not being really honest with Jessica about his feelings for Lucy – no way to rebuild a marriage. And THANK YOU for pointing out that cheating isn’t hero behaviour – I am hoping that this will be addressed with either a revelation about what was going on for Wyatt in Jessica’s timeline (I secretly hope the ‘cheating’ was Emma blackmailing him) or by tackling the interesting issue of to what extent he is the same person in the two timelines.


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