Mrs Sherlock Holmes – Advance Review, Promo, and Images


Mrs Sherlock Holmes: Advance Review

Very few television shows can reduce me to tears, but the opening of Mrs Sherlock Holmes did just that. The raw emotion grabs hold of us in that opening scene and doesn’t let go until long after the credits have rolled at the end.

It’s a beautiful, heart-breaking, empowering episode. Squeezed into it are all the scenes I’ve been needing since The King of the Delta Blues ended, and with added hints of possible things to come that I’m conflicted – but excited – about.

The lyatt scenes are exactly what these characters needed, and exactly what I needed as a viewer.

Lucy is fierce, we all know this, but the women she’s surrounded by definitely inspire her to be even more steadfast and determined in her ways.

Flynn and Rufus (and an unexpected helper) are my new favorite team. I’m going to need a Flynn/Rufus buddy-cop spin-off after this.

Speaking of Rufus, Jiya’s premonition continues to haunt them both, and we see why she really shouldn’t be so quick to share these visions with him.

Didn’t expect to ever feel empathy for Emma, but David Hoffman made sure I did this week. You will too.


I am a broken record in Mason’s vinyl collection, but Timeless is outdoing itself every single week. As a fan I am so grateful for how truly brilliant these seven episodes of season two have been, but am I going to survive the last three? Especially if that Rittenhouse intel Mason uncovers is as sinister as it appears?

Someone hold me.


For fun:

All you fanfic writers who have been pushing out fic all week? Some of you got it SO right.


And, finally, some dialogue teases:

“Stay the Hell away from her.”

“Sir, please control your wife.”

“Sorry, I don’t take romantic disputes.”

“Flynn it up, Flynn! Flynn it up!”

“Oh my God, I suck at picking friends.”



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