“The King of the Delta Blues” Review

The team’s journey to the past this week may take them to Depression era Texas, but there’s a depression of a different kind in the bunker in 2018.


We need more laughter and joy in the dreary, dark bunker, and I love hearing Rufus laugh. I don’t love it so much when it’s because he and Wyatt are giggling over Wyatt’s nocturnal activities with Jessica. It’s clear, when Lucy tells Rufus she can take the couch, she heard way more of that conversation than anyone wanted her to.
Lucy included.
Are Jessica and Wyatt really making everyone reach for the brain bleach, or is Rufus just joking around? Honestly, everything about it, from his initial straight delivery, to the laughing from both of them, screams joke.

But I’ll forgive the Jessica/Wyatt images, because that Riya kiss was the sweetest thing. “And that, my love, is how you upgrade a time machine.”
Uh… but how is that exactly? Whatever he did, the lifeboat now safely seats four. Maths magic, I guess.


When Connor Mason is drunk he quotes Shakespeare better than I do sober. He’s been reading articles on his “fall and catastrophe”, and drinking himself further into the oblivion he feels himself being dragged into.

When the mothership jumps to San Antonio, 1936, it’s Connor who proudly proclaims they’ve gone there for Robert Johnson: King of the Delta Blues. He’s appalled to be met with blank faces as he explains who Robert Johnson is, slurring his way through his displeasure.

When it’s decided he’ll go with them, the team realizes for the first time that Mason’s never once ridden in the lifeboat.
“Well it is bloody dangerous,” he tells them.
Tough luck for Mason though. He’s going.

Wyatt, however, is not. Agent Christopher has a special mission for him: to take out Rittenhouse for good.

“I have trust issues with you,” Agent Christopher told Wyatt in 2×01. Here, her tune has changed and her words are, “I trust Wyatt.”
Remember, this is the guy who stole the time machine to get his wife back. Of course she will be unsure about trusting him to stay in the bunker when Lucy is missing. But when it comes to getting the job done and taking out Rittenhouse, she knows he’ll do everything possible to make it happen – and will stay alive in the process.

Connor waxes poetic about time travel as he steps out of the lifeboat. It’s beautiful. And then he vomits. Not so beautiful.
And that scene of the team exiting the lifeboat in the past? That lifeboat was all CGI. How great is the Timeless VFX crew?

“Now, would you kindly remove your dead fugitive from my equipment?”

The dialogue in this episode. Oh, the dialogue! What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall in the writers’ room. What I wouldn’t give to just sit and watch writers like Anslem Richardson tapping out a script. I can be very quiet. And I wouldn’t make it at all weird. I promise.

Kamahl Naiqui did all his own singing in this episode. Doesn’t that make you want to go and watch it again and just sob over how fantastic he is? I did. To both watching and sobbing.

Connor’s line, “I made my own deal with the devil. It cost me everything I had,” is heartbreaking. He’s broken. He still feels the sweet pull of oblivion, away from the loss, the embarrassment, the shame. It’s difficult to watch, to hear him talk of such things, because I’ve really become quite the fan of Connor this season. I guess I needed him to seem more human. I needed to be able to trust him. Now, he is, I do, and it just breaks my heart.

Another thing about this season I’m loving is the growing bond between Lucy and Flynn. They’re slowly building trust now – even if Flynn’s using her journal to trick her into opening up. But I believe he genuinely wants to get to know this woman whose words guided him through his mission to bring down Rittenhouse. Without her, he wouldn’t have been half as successful. With her, he too might see his lost wife again one day.

I appreciate that he apologized for Amy being erased from existence. But he still has a lot to apologize for. He’s held a hand to her throat, abducted her through time, tried to strand them more than once, and was responsible for Rufus being shot.
I’m not fully on Team Flynn yet.
I appreciate that Rufus and Wyatt remain suspicious of him, that they’re both holding grudges. I think if either of them are going to trust Flynn though, Rufus might just a little bit. It gives a nice balance of voices, of the one who is slowly fully trusting him, the one who might trust him in time, and the one who never will.


The contrast of the Rufus/Mason relationship from season one to now is a truly beautiful thing. There’s almost a reversal of roles here, where Rufus plays the mentor and guides a lost, melancholy Connor back to himself.

Mason: “I’m at the same crossroads as you, Robert. But what do I do? Do I walk away? Or fight back?”
Connor’s made the decision to fight. And he convinced Robert Johnson to do the same in an emotional speech.
“To Hell with oblivion,” he finishes, cementing both of their decisions.

Wyatt’s mission ends with him unable to put a bullet in Carol Preston, which really only surprises Agent Christopher and no one else. Say what you will about Wyatt here, but this is a man conflicted. He was sent on “an intelligence-gathering mission, not an assault.” Suddenly he’s being asked to shoot the mother of someone he cares about? Hesitating on taking the shot doesn’t make him a bad soldier. It makes him human. It makes him someone who’s been through a lot with this little group of people, people he has grown close to. He’s been watching Lucy mourn her sister, and now he’s being asked to shoot her mother?
Enough has come between lyatt this season. No one wants the guilt of killing someone’s mom thrown in the mix too.

I sense if anyone will take out Keynes or Carol in the finale, it will be Flynn.

Speaking of Lyatt, their final conversation is a tough one for Wyatt. Lucy’s self-preservation has her pushing him towards Jess, has her putting distance between them, while he just wants everything to be as it was before. He still wants that friendship, that closeness, that bond, they had. But, Wyatt, my friend, while you may be able to have both, it’s going to take some time. A lot of time. Lucy’s broken heart needs to heal first.

Luckily there’s someone else in the bunker who knows a little about loss, so Lucy and her vodka go to Flynn’s door.

What exactly went on in that bunker bedroom? Episode seven answers that, my friends.


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