“The Day Reagan was Shot” Review


Dear Jessica:

“I’m pregnant.”

Before I get to anything else, I need to discuss this first.

I don’t believe her. It’s that simple.

It’s a shame I don’t believe a single word out of her mouth anymore, but that photo in 2×07 potentially tying her to Rittenhouse completely changed my opinion of her.


That’s not to say I think she’s evil. I saw some foreshadowing in RH sleeper’s story about his brother, and there’s something going on with her own brother that’s perhaps forcing her to lie to Wyatt.

But that’s all she’s doing in my eyes. Lying. And this pregnancy? Just another lie.

If it’s not a lie, I see two answers to the when question. If three weeks have passed since Carol abducted Agent Christopher and Jessica and Wyatt slept together during one of her first nights at the bunker, then it’s possible she got a positive result.

If she’s further along, then it’s other TL Wyatt’s (but she’d have to be about 8-10 weeks along). I am overthinking a fictional TV (possible) pregnancy. God help me.

But she’s not pregnant. Nope. Please God don’t let her be pregnant.


Agent Christopher:

Not only did we get a whole lot of Agent Christopher backstory this week, but things in her life changed for the better.

Denise’s sexuality has never been the most interesting thing about her and the Timeless writers have always made sure of that. Denise is not her sexuality. So much so, that no one in the bunker, except for Lucy of course, is privy to her sexual orientation. She’s married; she has kids. Her Bunker Babies know that. But beyond that? None of their business.

Keeping it from people, however, is nothing new for Denise, and there’s a sadness here. Her mother was unaware her daughter was married to a woman. Unaware she has grandkids too, it seems.

It’s only in the shifting timeline, thanks to “Cagney and Lacey” that this changes, and back in the present, post-mission, Denise’s mother is finally part of her family’s life. There’s such a heavy sadness throughout this episode and it’s so uplifting to have that dispersed by the end.

With all the brokenness in that bunker right now, thank you, Timeless writers, for giving at least one of our team less angst.

I’ve been hankering for some Denise backstory and hoping that USB full of photos of her family would come back again. The Timeless writers bring both together in this episode, with Lucy fighting throughout to ensure Agent Christopher doesn’t lose the most important people in her life – while returning to her one she was hanging on to by a gossamer-thin thread.



Lucy gets to have a break from the Wyatt angst and thank goodness. Our fearless leader is so much more than one half of Lyatt, and this week I think she even outshone last week’s Lucy. Here we got to revel in two women helping another to live the life that’s right for her. There was nothing easy about choosing to show the young Denise the photos of her family from the future, but it was necessary.

One question: Is Lucy still on the couch? I appreciate that Rufus and Jiya, and Wyatt and Jessica, should be sharing, but their selfless leader needs to start putting herself first.



I can’t imagine Flynn not being in the bunker this season. He’s someone Lucy can talk to about lost family; he’s someone she can go to, share a bottle of vodka, and commiserate long into the night.

He’s someone who will keep an eye on Rufus when the pilot starts feeling reckless; who will help him to his feet when he’s knocked down.

Now, he’s the one reminding Denise of how fragile it all really is, how easily we can lose the people we love. He gives her the push to go home and spend time with her family.

I haven’t forgotten how violent and murdery Flynn was in season one, but I appreciate what he’s bringing to the bunker now.



Sulky McSulkerpants has a lot on his mind and he’s stomping around the bunker, making sure everyone knows. I word it like this, but I’m still not ready to judge Rufus for his behavior because I can’t imagine being in his shoes. Maybe how he is acting is childish, but he’s scared. He’s feeling his own mortality and if fate will come for him no matter what, what can he do? Right now, he just has to wait. And as only one of two pilots in that bunker he sadly may not have a choice to sit that mission out when it happens. Rufus knows that soon he’ll be facing down death – so I don’t begrudge him for his coping mechanisms.

But, some advice: If you only have a little time left with the people you love, spend it with them, Rufus. Stop putting this distance between yourself and Jiya. Like she told you, it doesn’t make things easier. Let her be a comfort to you and just be with her.

Because whether you die in the 1800s, or tomorrow, life is short. Spend as much of whatever you have left with Jiya.



In season three (because NBC WILL Renew Timeless) I’m going to need more of Lucy and Jiya teaming up in the past because this. Was. Glorious. Jiya gets some subtle guidance from Lucy, but she holds her own and proves herself. The Lucy/Jiya team was utter perfection and I wouldn’t have wanted any other members of that team gently easing Denise towards the only path that’s right for her.



Look at the growth in our boy when he asks Flynn if he’s joining them on this mission. There’s no bitterness there. He’s still less than thrilled about Flynn’s inclusion, but he’s lost that jealousy that hung over him in episode 7.

It’s interesting to me that he gave the young Denise his name, gave her quite a bit of information about himself in one quick introduction. Is this the moment he cemented his place on the team?

Meanwhile, he’s been growing suspicious of Jessica’s return. Why DID Rittenhouse bring her back? And how did her parents get the money to cure her brother’s leukemia?

He’s had three weeks with his wife in the bunker and the glow has worn off. He’s starting to ask the big questions now. I’m not sure he’s ready for the answers though.

And that expression on his face after Jessica hit him with her news? That’s not the face of a man thrilled to become a father.




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