The General and Chinatown – 2-hour Finale Advance Review

The General and Chinatown, both airing on NBC on Sunday from 9pm as a two-hour finale, are solid hours of television. Previewing these final two episodes has been bittersweet for me, but THANK YOU, NBC, for giving them both to us together, because the way The General ends? That would have been one heck of a long week waiting for Chinatown.

At the same time, I’m sad it’s almost over. It feels like season two only just started, and now here we are, readying our hearts and minds for the finale.


Before I get into the preview properly, I need to say:


               Timeless is special. The stories it has told this season, the people we met and fell in love with, the courage fans found within themselves because of it, needs to continue. Timeless is too deserving of a third season for you to let it go now.

It already shines. It is loved by so many. But if you would just renew it, have faith in the little show that could and give it the right kind of timeslot, maybe then you’ll see what Clockblockers already know:

We’re here. We’re watching. Every week. Millions of us.

Our hearts are full of love for this show. Please #RenewTimeless.



There’s little about these two episodes that I want to give away. You’ve never cried so hard one minute, and then laughed so loud the next. The cliffhanger had me doing both simultaneously and my emotions were a mess. It’s devastating, but so full of hope you’ll find yourself smiling through your tears. I have never been so satisfied with a season ending that has left so much open – because of hope. Hope for our characters, and hope for a third season.


A few things:

I have been sticking up for Wyatt all season, but even I had to take a step back in Chinatown because of one accidental moment that he is going to have to do some serious grovelling to put right.
It really stung and it’s hard to watch.


Jiya is hardcore. Claudia Doumit will leave you speechless.

In fact, everyone will.


There is a moment in this episode where Timeless gave me the Lara Croft/Nathan Drake crossover I’ve always wanted. I can promise too there will be one thing about that scene we’ll all be tweeting about – because it’s quite in your face, and a bit of a hairy situation, to be honest.


Jessica and her fake mutant time baby (credit to @pretty_dire for that) might make you want to shoot her. Flynn certainly tries.


There are two Lyatt scenes that melted me. One in The General, and one in Chinatown. The General scene starts out a bit rough, but Lucy has the patience of a saint when it comes to her idiot soldier. And the Chinatown one is heartbreakingly beautiful and I’m still recovering from it.


There’s Garcy too. The scene from the promo, of him cradling her, has a softness in it that we’ve seen hints of in Flynn before, but not with such honesty. Flynn appreciates the journal, the help it has given him, and despite some of his earlier actions he’s always held at least some respect for Lucy. That respect, it seems, has turned into a little bit of a crush.


I have never loved Rufus more than I do in these episodes – and he was already my favorite character.


Carol remains the actual worst.

As does Emma.


And as with all past historical figures you were unfamiliar with until Timeless, you will absolutely be Googling Harriet Tubman afterwards.



Remember to be LOUD on Sunday night, Clockblockers. Tweet until you’re shadowbanned so we trend, hashtag Timeless on Facebook and Instagram, use both #Timeless and #RenewTimeless and tag NBC in everything.

We’ve got this!


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