It’s down to the wire. By the middle of the day today we’ll likely know the fate of our beloved Timeless. There’s some hope lingering in this wait, that perhaps NBC is honest in their desire to see how the earlier time-slot affected ratings. Or maybe they just didn’t want to crush Clockblocker hearts prior to the finale. I’m choosing to believe in the former.

Did Clockblockers deliver on Social Media? You betcha. As of 4:30am ET the hashtag was not only still trending, the number just hit 277k tweets. The hashtag trended every week, but the finale knocked it out of the park. Clockblockers showed up – and they were LOUD.


If NBC has already made their decision, it may mean nothing. I choose to believe that as long as the news isn’t released there is still hope.

So why renew? The question should be: Why cancel? And there is only ONE reason.
The live ratings.
Critics love Timeless, the Smithsonian reviews it every week, it’s 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and I’m yet to see a single person proclaim it deserves cancellation. Because it doesn’t. We were here, we just aren’t Nielsen homes.
Week after week the writers gave us quality episodes and the cast took our breath away. Some of the characters actions sparked fiery debate among the fans. Even if we didn’t always agree, we discussed it, and that sparked interest in people who may not have watched otherwise. We were loud. We were heard.

Timeless never dipped in quality, we fell in love with people from history, we laughed – and cried – along with the characters, and the bottom line is:


We wait now, with bated breath, hoping the 9pm time-slot bumped the ratings up enough for NBC, because when it comes down to it, we need more of this

Future Lyatt

And even if it’s ten episodes, next summer, we’ll take it.

Do the right thing, NBC. Renew Timeless.


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