Dear Santa….

…. for Clockblockmas this year, I’d like:

(or: Things @clockblockers and @awrighterinbriz would like to see in the 2-hour Timeless movie set to air this coming holiday season)

#1: Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first:
We want Rufus saved. 

#2: Future!Lyatt.
After being teased with “Lucy Croft” and “Wyatt Drake” and the most epic gamer crossover ever (Tomb Raider/Uncharted anyone?), we need more of these three: Badass Lucy, Bearded Wyatt, and their upgraded lifeboat. We need: the hilarity that will go down as our current Lucy and Wyatt navigate sharing a space with these two other versions of themselves; Wyatt hopefully getting his head pulled out of his ass by his older self; and the answer to: Who was piloting that lifeboat?

#3: “Luce”.
Look, it’s fanon, pure and simple, and there’s no reason why the nickname should be included in canon. But fans on AO3 and have had Wyatt calling Lucy by this shortened version of her name since the early days of fandom, and wouldn’t it be a fun shout-out to have Wyatt call her “Luce” just once?

#4: Speaking of shout-outs… JAN!
Fan favorite Malcolm Barrett gave us that epic “clockblocker” shout-out last season, and we all squealed in delight. We think Jan deserves a nod this time.

#5: More joy, less angst.
We loved season two. We really did. We didn’t even hate the triangle that popped up when Jessica returned because it was written better than any we’d ever seen on TV before. But can just one of these characters catch a break?
Remember how nice it was seeing Lucy happy in Hollywoodland?
Can Wyatt be freed of some guilt?
Can Jiya and Rufus find more of what they had in S1 again?
Can Flynn start to make peace with his loss?
We miss the tone of episodes like The Darlington 500. Can we start getting back there?

#6: Amy.
We don’t need her back just yet. We appreciate that perhaps that’s one storyline that needs to stay open for a potential S3 but to give Lucy hope of seeing her sister again? That would be nice. Season 2 basically stripped her of that hope and it was tough to watch. Which brings us to…

#7: The return of the locket. 
There was a symbolism in Lucy handing over the locket that felt like an ending to the Amy storyline, but we’re not ready to accept that.
One way of opening that back up again, of giving Lucy a little more hope, could be portrayed through her getting the locket back. What if Wyatt or Flynn found it in a San Francisco antique store? Excuse us while we fangirl over the possibilities.

#8: “Heliclockters”
We don’t care if it’s a random shot of a helicopter flying through the sky, a picture of one in a magazine at the bunker, the sound of one in the distance. We just hope one gets sneaked in somehow.
Also cool to somehow sneak in? Random boxes of paperclips in the bunker – a reference to all the paperclips fans sent the networks while campaigning.

#9: Hugs! All the hugs! 
Lucy/Wyatt, Lucy/Rufus, Rufus/Wyatt, Lucy/Rufus/Wyatt, Rufus/Jiya, Rufus/Connor, etc….
We feel like a lot of these characters are going to need to hug it out before the two hours are up. We’d like to see some of those moments.

#10: Rufus Saved.
No. Really. If nothing else, we’d be satisfied with that alone.
We miss our lifeboat pilot. 


One thought on “Dear Santa….

  1. I have never written anything about a show before I cannot believe that this show is coming to an end. Out if all the shows that are out there this one is highly educational. And entertaining. I wish nbc. Would reconsider. It is a great story line. But at least they will have closure. ABC. Should consider taking it over.


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