Timeless – Saved Again

If there’s one thing Clockblockers like doing, it’s naming things. From Malcolm Barrett’s “heliclockters”, to NBC’s poor overworked social media intern, “Jan”. Now, even the day Timeless was revived for one last lifeboat ride has been christened “Clockblockmas” (that’s July 31st, by the way).

Yes, you read that right. Timeless, cancelled May 10th 2017, before being uncancelled on May 13th 2017 for a 10-episode season two, and then cancelled again on June 22nd 2018 – is back. Again.

And once again it was fans’ voices that made the difference.

It’s proof you can’t keep a good show down, and despite suspicions to the contrary, the peacock network does indeed have a heart. They heard the fans and responded to allow for a continuation of the story – and a conclusion.

A conclusion? Wait…Does that mean this 2-hour finale planned for the holiday season is the end? Not necessarily. While it’s likely the end of Timeless on NBC, there’s no reason improved ratings won’t allow for the show to be shopped by Sony and continued elsewhere.

Of course we’d love to see NBC air Timeless at a more reasonable time, in a family-friendly slot, but should that not happen it will once again be up to the fans to scream out loud and pull in more viewers themselves.

So tell your friends. Tell your family. Buy the DVDs. Share them around. Talk about Timeless every chance you get, everywhere you can.

We’re getting Rufus back – but if you think Clockblockers will be satisfied and call it a night, well… let me introduce you to this fandom.




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