Top Ten Lyatt Fanfics

The Timeless Room is blessed with a gifted, diverse writing team that outdid themselves week after week. A quality television show attracts quality fans, and the fanfiction writers among us are just as skilled.

Whether it’s a tightly-written one shot, an epic multi-chapter with a plot that could pass for an episode, or just flows well and is in character, below are ten of the best Lyatt fanfictions on the web – in my humble opinion.

Five from 2018, five from 2017, and (mostly) in order of publication:

#1: Cold by MaxNovella

And now I’m going down with the Titanic, he thought ruefully. The boat had finally gone under several minutes prior, and remembering one of the key points from the famous movie Wyatt had tried to be one of the last people finally forced into the water. He knew he had only a matter of minutes, maybe ten, fifteen tops, before his body gave out on him and he went under for good. He was already too weak and in too much shock to get the stolen life vest around his body, and when he finally did release his grip he knew he would simply sink below the surface.

The Titanic fic the fandom craved, and MaxNovella came through. It’s a quick, easy read, but these four little chapters are a rollercoaster of emotions – with a happy ending.


#2:  Sun, Sun, Sun (Here it Comes) by angellwings

So, he wasn’t the only one to notice it seemed.

Lucy and Connor shared a surprised and awkward glance before deciding to pretend they hadn’t noticed anything strange at all.

Coincidence. It was pure coincidence.

What else could it be?

Need some bedtime reading? This is a 30k one shot that takes one small part of season 2 and runs like hell with it – all the way to its superb final line.


#3: Weight of Words by PhoebsFan

This time the feeling doesn’t cut, it burns with a gentle heat that thaws the parts of her she didn’t realize were frozen. It travels through his fingertips as they trace across her skin. It’s sweet on her lips as his press against them, and dances across her tongue when she invites him into her mouth.

It spills from her pores as she pulls him down on top of her, puddling in the sheets around them, washing them clean.

This one’s rated M but it isn’t explicit. If you need some angst with a happy ending, Weight of Words is the fic for you.


#4: Here at the end (Where I’ll find you) by Galaxylane

Lucy stands with one hand resting lightly on the back of the pilot’s seat in front of her, contemplating the empty space.

It’s a space she has occupied a number of times herself, with white knuckles and a clenched jaw, determined to land them safely.

(She’s gotten good, but it’s never as smooth as he used to manage, which was still rough at best.)

The seat is worn and dinged up in places, but it’s one of the few pieces of the interior that hasn’t been replaced or upgraded. No one has tried, and if they did, Lucy was sure none of the others would let them. It’s a reminder.

It’s a memorial.

A finale filler fanfic from future!lyatt’s POV. It’s a short scene, a quick read, just a little more than the glimpse the show gave us. And it’s beautifully written.


#5: When the world was at war, we kept dancing by iambeck

Though the days in the Californian desert are balmy, the evening shift after sundown brings about a toe-numbing draught that often leads to a fight over the thermostat. Wyatt doesn’t give a damn about being toasty in his cot, trained to persevere through sandstorms, avalanche terrain and monsoons, a draught is nothing on his scale of discomfort, but the creaking, groaning pipes that hiss all night are a thorn in his side as a soldier with heightened senses. 

That and his roommate’s snoring is so thunderous it gives the nightly chorus of off-tune piping a run for its money.

It’s been six weeks worth of back and forth and he’s fighting a losing battle, leaving him sour when it comes to reconvening for work duty in the morning; if he burns the bacon he doesn’t even feel bad.

The bunker sucks.

Quite simply the only bunker fic you need to read. Let yourself be surrounded by iambeck’s lyrical prose that thrums along to a lyatt beat.


#6: Ohana  by Orphan_Account

“Worst mission ever?” Rufus asked, cradling his bandaged arm to his chest, his face tightening in pain.

Lucy sighed, nodding in agreement. Her arm was still healing from the bullet graze a week earlier, and it ached from the exertion of helping her friends back to the lifeboat. Somehow, she had avoided a fresh injury. The only one of the three of them to be able to say that tonight. “You okay getting home?”

“Jiya’s taking me.” He cocked his head. “Wyatt done yet?”

“Yeah,” Lucy said.

“More stitches than me?”

Lucy almost laughed. “Two less.”

“Yes, Rufus, you’re the bigger badass this time,” Wyatt said as he limped into the room, crutches in hand but not being used, and back in his own unstained clothing after a long, drawn-out fight with his jeans.

There’s whump, and some angst, but it’s also a sweet family fic that gives Wyatt back what was once lost and so much more. Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.


#7: Words with (more than) friends by OnceUponAWhim

“Got one!” Jiya declared, slinking back around the loveseat she and Rufus were sharing. She plopped herself back down next to him, simultaneously also plopping a new bucket of four beer bottles and a board game down on the table in front of her.

Wyatt leaned up from his own spot on the loveseat facing them, snagging another bottle for himself and one for Lucy. But he grimaced when he read the title on the box as he popped Lucy’s open. “No,” he groaned, passing the bottle next to him. “You have like twenty-five college degrees between the three of you. Don’t make me play a smart people game.” He knew he was verging on whining, but he kind of didn’t care; it was Scrabble. He was all for some drinks on a night off, but he should have known better than to agree to a board game with three people pretty much hired for their positions by sheer virtue of how much stuff they knew.

“Seven, actually,” Rufus corrected.

Wyatt rolled his eyes, grumbling, “Same thing.”

The most fun you’ll ever have reading a fanfic. It’s flirty and a bit dirty. and while it’s not the most in-character fic on this list, it’s definitely the funniest.


#8: Wyatt, Out of Time by burglebeezlement

The interrogation begins a few hours later. Who are you? How do you know about this program? Where is Master Sergeant Baumgardner and what did you do with him?

It’s several days later before anyone explains to Wyatt that as far as this timeline’s concerned, he doesn’t exist.

This is subtle lyatt, but more importantly it’s a what-if of changing timelines, how very wrong things can go, the price we pay for what we love – and amidst all that, it’s the beginnings of closure.


#9: Constellations by TheVelvetDusk

So he let go of her hand and inched closer, carefully easing her body away from the wall and into his own, his arms going around her as her head dropped to his shoulder. His cheek pressed against the crown of her dark hair for the second time that day, setting off a chain reaction of warmth and devotion that disarmed him in surprising ways. The sense of similarity between this moment and the one that had occurred just hours before at Mason Industries struck him so forcefully that he was almost breathless. Here he was hugging her to him like his life depended on it, strands of her hair matted into his stubble and her head tucked against him like it had always belonged there. But for all of the commonalities, the differences were far more staggering. He could have never imagined that the next time they embraced like this would be on the carpeted floor of her childhood bedroom, with Lucy hovering somewhere between hysteria and trance-like oblivion, her entire world rocked to the core…again.

And as much as he wished that he was holding her under better circumstances, there was nowhere else for him to go, nowhere else on earth he needed to be.

And to hell with anyone who tried to take her away from him.

ALL OF THE FEELS. In one fic. Reading this will reduce you to mush. It’s angsty, but the journey is worth it and the destination is sweet.


#10: Somebody I used to know by Qwertygal

Wyatt flashed him a warning look, but, unexpectedly, Lucy began to laugh….a lot…..and hard. And then something happened that delighted him far more than it probably should have-Lucy snorted.

“You snorted!” he gasped.

“What?” she said, attempting to get her laughter under control, “I did not.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Rufus, help me,” she said

Rufus grinned, “Sorry, Lucy, that was most definitely a snort.”

“Ugh,” she took another sip of her drink. “Guess it’s too late to convince you guys I’m sophisticated, right?”

“Most definitely yes,” began Wyatt, tentatively moving his arm around her waist. He relaxed, when she didn’t pull away. “But then, there is absolutely no room for sophistication in the Lifeboat, so it is all good.”

“Hey, speak for yourself,” Rufus began. “Pretty sure I’m the epitome of sophistication.”

Without giving too much away, of all the fanfics that feature this plot device, this one does it the best. I had to find the least spoilery excerpt, so while the above snippet is fun, prepare for a rollercoaster ride of emotions in this one.

So those are my favorite Lyatt fics. What are yours?


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