First Season Two Promo

  The fifteen second Timeless teaser trailer aired tonight during the Olympics. We break it down: The ticker stops on 1955, and we see Lucy, wearing fifties-inspired clothing, running beside a building, with Rufus behind her. We cut to – a car speeding down a dirt road. The ticker starts again, stops on 1941, and … Continue reading First Season Two Promo


Is Your Child Texting about #Timeless?

IS YOUR CHILD TEXTING ABOUT TIMELESS?   LOL – Love Our Lifeboat ROTFL – Rufus Opts To Fly Lifeboats (or: Rufus Only Flies Lifeboats) LMAO – Lucy misses Amy, Okay. BTW -  Blue-eyed Time-traveler Wyatt FTW – Flynn The Widower WTH – Wyatt’s Too Hot SMH – Stop Mothership Hijinks BRB – Burn, Rittenhouse, Burn … Continue reading Is Your Child Texting about #Timeless?

The War to End all Wars: Promotional Photos

"Lucy, you won't lose me, I promise. Rittenhouse would never allow it." And with that revelation, that Lucy's mom is Rittenhouse, and Lucy herself is practically Rittenhouse royalty, a collective gasp went through the fandom. Mouths hung open, eyes were wide - and we've been waiting a year to find out what happens next. The … Continue reading The War to End all Wars: Promotional Photos