“The Day Reagan was Shot” Advance Review, Promo, and Images

A good episode of television makes you sit quietly for a few minutes once the end credits have stopped rolling. It leaves you thinking over what you’ve just watched – but then you get up and move on.
A great episode of television wraps you up so completely in every second of it that it leaves you speechless, leaves you fighting a myriad of emotions that linger for days, and keeps you speculating for an entire week (and beyond).

That is exactly how “The Day Reagan was Shot” left me.

Rufus has been sulking through the bunker and people have been noticing. Two people in particular. It’s during one of his sulky moments that we realize with all that’s been going on in Wyatt’s life there’s one rather large detail of Rufus’ life that he hasn’t been made aware of. And during this scene, as they make breakfast, we see Lyatt finding their way back to themselves again. Things still hurt – but they’re getting better.


Jiya and Lucy working together in the past is everything you ever needed and more. It’s fun watching Jiya learn how to blend in, while Lucy gently guides her. Jiya proves herself; her initial giddy glee transforms into competence as the two work side-by-side.


Flynn’s presence is important in the bunker this season and no one feels that more than Agent Christopher does in this episode. One by one he’s either helping the team work through issues, or keeping a close eye on them in the past. This week, he’s the voice of reason for Denise – and thank God she listens.


It seems even some Rittenhouse sleepers aren’t quite as sold on the Rittenhouse way as you’d expect them to be. We know this already, but there are moments in 2×08 that really drive home how Rittenhouse affects families. How they use fear to get what they want. How reluctant some members actually are.


Mothers are tough. Ask Lucy. But Agent Christopher’s relationship with her mother will break your heart. We know Denise is fierce and brave, but you’ll never be more proud of her than you are here.
And that broken heart? Don’t worry, Timeless will put it back together in the best kind of way at the end when the team returns to the present.


Speaking of the end… There’s a revelation that might just make you want to throw a fridge. The final minute of this episode is a tough one to digest, and it took me a good 24 hours of speculating before I developed any positive outcomes from it.

It’s a low point in an otherwise A+ episode.

But can those final words be trusted?

Hmmmmmm. I may not have loved them, but I definitely can’t stop thinking about them and what it means for the last two episodes.


Want some dialogue? Here ya go:

“I never met a security tag I couldn’t deactivate.”

“You’re gorgeous and I’m flattered but I’m not interested.”

“I wasn’t hitting on you because Cagney, here, we’re together.”

“Maybe I’m supposed to walk away from him.”

“If we can change the past, there has to be a way that we can change the future.”

“Is there something you’re not telling me?”


And one final thing: How Flynn got the journal? He and Lucy finally have that conversation.

The Day Reagan was Shot airs Sunday, May 6th, 10/9c on NBC.








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