More Than Just a Show

The Beginning

It was 2005 when I found my first TV show fandom. Granted it was just the kids in my Year 5 class and my dad but all the same I had found people to talk and share mutual interest for a show. Coincidentally, its the only show I’ll accept a reboot of, thank you, Doctor Who.

It was 2009 when 14-year-old me began writing a mediocre Fanfic for a small TV show in Britain called Primeval. Ironically, this was also a show that could venture into the past… I seem to have a running theme of Time Travel interests.

It was September 2017 when I found Timeless (It seems crazy to me now thinking this show has been in my life less than a year). I was bored on a Saturday and, due to re watching entire seasons of Doctor Who, Netflix suggests Timeless to me. I read the premise, and, clearly from my other ventures in Time Travelling life, it was right up my street. At least Netflix got one thing right.

I began watching and was immediately drawn to the character of Lucy Preston from that scene where she’s lecturing. I knew I had found something special in her character right away. I couldn’t imagine the depths I would connect with her as the season went on.

Throw in a brooding solider with a sideways smirk to die for and a geeky scientist who was probably cleverer at the age of 10 than I am now, and we better buckle up in the Lifeboat because we’ve got the foundation of DREAMS.

Without spoiling anything for potential viewers, let me say this: Season One of Timeless was groundbreaking on its own; its ability to find a new and innovative way of being present within the niche of a “Time Travel” show was something I can only applaud every single writer, historian, and designer on that show. The magic of how TV comes to be is not lost on me, but Timeless is in another league. I loved season one so much and, due to my late introduction to the show, I missed the initial cancellation and revival. So when I searched and saw that season two was happening, I was ready to go. Nothing could have prepared me for the beauty of that second season.

Again without spoiling anything, season two had a different feel to it from the get-go. Everything was tighter, everything was smoother, everything seemed more focused. And I guess it was, when you get a second chance to make a show, when you are CANCELLED and REVIVED, something unheard of in the TV world, you make sure it’s the best it can possibly be. And boy, it did not disappoint. The focus on these untold stories of history and the people they focused on were touching, empowering, enlightening and frustrating in the sense that I was annoyed that I didn’t already know the people portrayed. How had these parts of history been hidden from plain sight for so long? Yet I was so incredibly happy to see these people finally get their stories told, with creative liberties of course but never with complete compromise of the truth. When I re-watch episodes now I am still in complete awe, in genuine amazement, at how these episodes are simply just in a league of their own… and critical acclaim agrees. 


The Ships and The Fandom

I won’t sit and lie saying that I’m only watching Timeless for the history lessons, because I’m not. Investing in a character’s relationship is a big part of any fandom I’ve been involved in. I enjoy the slow burn and the angst, the will-they-won’t-they, the ‘there’s only one bed where are they going to sleep’ trope.  I am through and through a Lucy/Wyatt shipper, have never faltered on this and will probably never falter on this. (I’m pretty screwed if I do) 

I was invested from the very first ‘Ma’am’ and will be invested in whatever they throw at them next. I will not speak negatively towards other ships involving those characters, nor will I get into debate with people who choose to ship differently to me. What I will say is that I am very secure in the ship I chose and am not afraid to use the mute button when people are disrespectful to the discussions that are had between fellow Lyatt shippers.
My life is happier for it and I will continue to do so.

I’m going to make the point now that I don’t want to focus on the negative side of this fandom, because all fandoms are complex, all have conflict and, even though we all share a common goal of simply more Timeless, there are some with different agendas. I want to talk about the joy this fandom has given me and the reason I mention the preference of my ship is because my experience within this fandom has been majorly impacted by this.

The people I have met along this journey have been incredible. I have made friends with people who I never would have known existed (that’s you Yassica, Ellie & Logan) without Timeless and the Lyatt relationship. Never have I been in a fandom where conversation has been so open and fluid, where fan engagement is so large. It’s made me be so much more invested in the show itself, whether that’s new people coming to watch and tweeting their new found love, or if it’s reading the advanced reviews on Fangirlish website. If it’s not the cast being excited about deleted scenes just as much as we were, it’s their Live Tweets that literally make us howl with laughter (this cast is a gift to us all. I could write something entirely differently solely on how much I love them with my entire soul).  I am so glad that I’ve found this fandom, that there are people who understand how problematic things can be, they can question things, that can interact with people with differing opinions. Admittedly it doesn’t all run smoothly, but good outweighs any doubt I have in my mind that us Clockblockers will fight to the death to keep this show. We are not quitters. This show empowered us. We figured out what’s worth fighting for. 

(Although I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to explain how I made my friends through photo-shopping Bob Greenblatt’s face onto meme’s and gifs… it’s going to be hard to explain )

The End (of this post) 

Timeless deserves so much more than what it has got. I barely touched on the grueling 6 week wait of cancellation, followed by another 4 of constant campaigning and making noise, to be greeted with yes, more Timeless, but not in the capacity it deserves. Timeless is exactly what it says: Timeless. In my opinion there are very few shows that have matched the caliber of pure genius that this show has created. It makes people feel something, it makes people talk about things they didn’t even know had happened, and it empowers women, people of colour, LGBTQA+ identities. It tears the the stigma of masculine fragility and perceived feminine weakness. This show is filled with strong characters, hurting characters, complex characters. It deals with grief and loss and the impossibility of situations.

It gives you something that the world so desperately needs right now… hope. 

So… in case you’re still wondering whether or not you should watch this show? The answer is a resounding YES. Watch it, tell your friends to watch it, watch it with your friends – and then watch it again. Talk about it. Be vocal on how it made you feel. Join the conversation. Timeless NEEDS to be talked about, and there is an army of people who want to talk about it with you. We don’t know the word ‘No’ here…. believe me. 

This show gives me everything I need. It may not be perfect for everyone, but guess what?

‘The present isn’t perfect… but it’s ours’

(you’ll understand that quote once you’ve watched)

So …

What are you waiting for?

#Timeless #SaveTimeless


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